P.O. Box 50221, St. Louis, MO 63105, U.S.A.

E-Mail: avmostl@gmail.com

Website: www.avmo.org

Founded on 2001

AVMO was established May 2001 principals goals are education, promoting students by providing scholarships also another goal is the to promote the Venzuelan culture and sports in Missouri


The Venezuelan Association in Missouri was established as a nonprofit corporation under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service on May 4, 2001 by a group of Venezuelan nationals with the idea of giving back to community in which they lived and serving as a means of support for other Venezuelan nationals who had made the United States, more specifically the State of Missouri, their adopted state and country. The Venezuelan Association in Missouri the idea was introduced by Francyne Pereira which acted as first President but Carlos Alarcon registered the organization started the Association within Missouri Law. Other members of the Board of Directors were: Octavio Pino, Vice President, Juan Carlos Luna, Treasurer, Arianny Bergolla, Secretary and Alex Pereira, Director.

The Venezuelan Association in Missouri was formed to promote and encourage the education of youth and adults through scholarships, to foster the learning and fluent use of the English language, exerting equal effort to foster the fluent mastery of the Spanish language, to promote and share Venezuelan culture and to strive for a closer social and moral understanding between Venezuelans and citizens of these United States and other countries, to further the common good and general welfare of the Venezuelan people in the State of Missouri and lastly to promote and encourage collaboration between organizations with similar aims and purposes in our community.

Since its incorporation the Venezuelan Association in Missouri has awarded, annually, scholarships to students in the State of Missouri seeking post secondary education in accredited educational institutions. In 2008 the Venezuelan Association in Missouri became a Charter Member of the Hispanic Scholarship Alliance of St. Louis, an organization which supports the efforts to increase the number of Hispanic and Latino students pursuing college, university education or vocational schooling. Also we promote little children with summer camps, for those who are talented. We participate in cultural event promoting our traditional dances from Venezuela. We also provide sport scholarships for those who play volleyball, softball and other sports.

The Venezuelan Association in Missouri would like to thank those members, individuals and corporations who provide their generous support so that we may continue to fulfill the aims and purposes of this organization. 

Website: https://avmo.org/