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Applying is simple. Print the scholarship application,  fill it out and submit it with all the required documents.

Scholarship Application 2018

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Submit your completed application no later than June 15, 2018 at 11:59 pm Central Time.

You must apply for scholarships before the posted deadline.

Since its incorporation, the Venezuelan Association in Missouri has awarded annual, scholarships to students in the State of Missouri, seeking post secondary education in accredited educational institutions.

In 2008, the Venezuelan Association in Missouri became a Charter Member of the Hispanic Scholarship Alliance of St. Louis, an organization, who supports the efforts of increasing the number of Hispanic and Latino students pursuing college, university education or vocational schooling. AVMO also promotes summer camps for children who possess various talents such as traditional Venezuelan dance and sports.

AVMO was partly formed to promote and encourage the education of youth and adults through scholarships for the following purpose:

  • the learning and fluent use of the English language
  • exerting equal effort to foster the fluent mastery of the Spanish language
  • to promote and share Venezuelan culture
  • to strive for a closer social and moral understanding between Venezuelans and citizens of these United States (and other countries)
  • to further the common good and general welfare of the Venezuelan people in the State of Missouri
  • to promote and encourage collaboration between organizations with similar aims and purposes in our community.

2017 Scholarship Recipients

El evento donde entregamos estas becas fue el día domingo 13 de Agosto, 2017, en Creve Coeur Community Center

Becas de Niños de AVMO fueron:

  1. Ganadora Camila Lopez
  2. Ganador Ceasar Morales
  3. Ganador Alex Roca

Becas de Adultos de AVMO fueron:

1st Winner: Hilda Mata
Hilda is a Venezuelan native attending Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine in New Mexico, with her high grades, and her community service, like at the St. Anthony Medical Center, Research Intern at Medical College of Wisconsin, Volunteer at Clinton Global Initiative ad St. Louis Children Hospital, among others. Her achievements Undergraduate Research Assistant – Washington University School of Medicine – Pediatric Critical Care, Honors Scholar Phi Theta Kappa, among others.

2nd Winner: Daniela Martin
Daniela is from Venezuela, and currently attending St. Louis Community College, her grade average is 3.50; and her teacher degree help her to evolve in our community easily but with some bumps and overcoming them was her strength. Among the activities, she is member of Grupo Atlantico, as dance performer showing the different culture of music and dances of the Caribbean. She also dances Flamenco for 14 years.

3rd Winner: Elsa Schenk
Elsa was born in Indiana, and currently attending Truman State University, studying bachelor of arts, major field in biology, her grade average is 2.80; and her involvement in the Venezuelan Association has been tremendous, about 15 years, helping with folkloric dances, among other activities.